Changing the LON device's subnet and node address.


Changing the LON device's subnet and node address.

Product Line

TAC I/A Series


I/A Series G3 LonWorks Integration


When a LON device is added to the station database, its subnet and node addresses are automatically assigned. For the correct communication to be established there may be a need to change the subnet / node address of the LON device.


To change the device subnet / node address:

  • Right click on the LonNetwork and go to the Lon Device Manager.
  • Select the LON device for which subnet / node address needs to be changed
  • Edit the device by double clicking on the LON device or using the 'Edit' button at the bottom of the Lon Device Manager view.
  • Enter the correct subnet address and a unique node address for the device.
  • Commission the LON device regardless of whether it has been commissioned before.