Bas 2800+ message No Logging Databases Have Been Specified.


No Logging Databases Have Been Specified

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No Logging Databases Have Been Specified.


  1. Log on to the Bas2800+ system
  2. Open Dataview
  3. From the menu select File then New
  4. From the menu select Data then Logging database.
  5. If there is a registered database in the Registered database Window you can select this.
  6. If the Registered database window is empty, press the Add button.
  7. Select the logging database you wish to use.
    (Default database "BAS2800.DBS" is installed with the software.)
  8. Press the OK button to select the database.
  9. On the Logging database Window press the OK button to assign the logging database.
  10. The error message should disappear.